Welcome to the Southern Refugee Legal Aid Network (SRLAN).

The SRLAN was initiated to formalise cooperation towards refugee rights, with a view to channelling disparate refugee rights organisations into a movement. At the time of inception, the SRLAN concluded the Nairobi Code of Ethics to which all members of the Network agreed to abide.

The particular challenges that refugees face as regards access to judicial recourse in the global south have demanded an increase in rights-based advocacy, through pro bono legal aid, research, and policy advocacy. The SRLAN member organisations are bound by a common desire to foster respect for the rights of refugees in the global south, whilst not all necessarily being based there. The SRLAN provides a platform for these organisations to learn from one another’s experiences, and coordinate advocacy and legal challenges with the support and expertise of a network of practitioners.

The SRLAN is hosted by theĀ IRRI Rights in Exile Programme.